IMIA International Medical Informatics Association


The focus of IMIA-NI is to foster collaboration among nurses and others who are interested in Nursing Informatics to facilitate development in the field. We aim to share knowledge, experience and ideas with nurses and healthcare providers worldwide about the practice of Nursing Informatics and the benefits of enhanced information management.

IMIA NI Goals & Objectives

Explore the scope of Nursing Informatics and its implications for health policy and information handling activities associated with evidence-based nursing practice, nursing management, nursing research, nursing education, standards and patient (or client) decision making and the various relationships with other health informatics entities.

Identify priorities or gaps and make recommendations for future developments in nursing informatics.

Support the development of nursing informatics in member countries and promote nursing informatics worldwide.

Promote linkages and collaborative activities with national and international nursing and health informatics groups and nursing and health care organisations globally.

Provide, promote and support informatics meetings, conferences, and electronic communication forums to enable opportunities for the sharing of ideas, developments and knowledge.

Participate in IMIA working groups and special interest groups to present a nursing perspective.

Develop recommendations, guidelines, tools and courses relating to nursing informatics.

Encourage the publication and dissemination of research and development materials in the field of nursing informatics

Support and work with patients, families, communities and societies to adopt and manage informatics approaches to healthcare.

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IMIA NI Structure

Members of IMIA-NI fall into several categories: (please link each type to inserted link)

Executive Officers – the Chair, and the Vice-Chairs for Working Groups, Administration & Finance, Membership, and Communications.

National Members – one member is selected by each country member of IMIA. National IMIA member countries seek nominations for this nurse appointee from appropriate country level groups, including recognised nursing and health Informatics groups, the ICN affiliated national nursing association, and other organisations as appropriate. IMIA-NI currently has national members from 28 countries.

Honorary Members – appointed by the IMIA-NI assembly. Past chairpersons are granted honorary member status.

Observers and Corresponding Members – individuals granted such status by the General Assembly. Observers to IMIA from non-IMIA member countries can be honoured by the Chairperson of IMIA-NI upon recommendation by the executive committee.

Working Groups – IMIA-NI has a number of Working Groups (WGs). The activities and remits, and memberships, of the WGs vary.

Institutional Members – Academic and Corporate Institutional members of IMIA may nominate individuals to be members of IMIA-NI


About IMIA

The International Medical Informatics Association is an independent organisation established under Swiss law in 1989. IMIA was originally established in 1967 as Technical Committee 4 of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP – In 1979, it evolved from a Special Interest Group of IFIP to its current status as a fully independent organisation. IMIA continues to maintain its relationship with IFIP as an affiliate organisation. IMIA also has close ties with the World Health Organisation (WHO – as a NGO (Non-Government Organisation), and with the International Federation of Health Information Management (IFHIMA). IMIA is also a Liaison A category organisation in cooperation with ISO (ISO liaison).

IMIA organises the internationally acclaimed triennial “World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics” – commonly known as MedInfo. The event provides both a high-quality scientific exchange of current research and thinking in health and biomedical informatics and an opportunity for formal meetings and informal networking of IMIA’s members. The event is jointly hosted by IMIA and one of its Member Societies. The selection of the host society is determined through a vote of the IMIA General Assembly.

MedInfo 2021 will be held as a virtual conference from 2 – 4 October. For more information, click here

Working and Special Interest Groups
The IMIA family includes a growing number of Working and Special Interest Groups, which consist of individuals who share common interests in a particular focal field. The groups provide opportunities for collaboration among individuals who share common interests in a particular focal field. The Nursing Informatics Special Interest Group (IMIA-NI) hold a biennial congress (the next will be NI2018 in Cape Town, South Africa), and other groups hold working conferences on leading edge and timely health, medical and bio-medical informatics issues. Current and future activities of the Working and Special Interest Groups are posted on the IMIA website and a summary is included in the IMIA Yearbook.

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